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Restitution and provenance research 06.07.2021

Thomas Dermine, State Secretary for Economic Recovery and Strategic Investments, in charge of Scientific Policy

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Three displays in the museum area.

Nkisi nkonde. Beeld / Statue / Statue / [Yombe; Kakongo].RD Congo. 1st quarter of the 19th century. Wood (Canarium schweinfurthii. Collected by A. Delcommune. 1878. Registered in 1912. EO.0.0.7943.

ikishi lya kashina kaji Masker / Masque / Mask. Chingalala, Northwestern Province, Zambia. [Lenga Navo]. Created by Kenneth Lizambo. Late 20th century. Hide, plant fibre, pigment, paper, tar or resin, plastic. Field-collected by B. Wastiau. 1997. EO.1998.14.44.

Idimu. Masker / Masque / mask. [Lega]. RD Congo. 2nd quarter of the 19th century. Elephant ivory. Collected by D. Biebuyck. 1952. Registered in 1955. EO.1955.3.53.



A selection of the tour

Nkishi. Krachtbeeld / Statue de force / Power figure. Lomami, RD Congo. [Songye]. 20th century. Wood, copper alloy, iron, plant fibre, horn, hide. Bequest from J. Walschot. 1980. EO.1980.2.492.     Photo J. Van de Vyver, MRAC Tervuren ©

Helmmasker / Masque-heaume / Helmet mask. Kindundu, Kwilu, RD Congo. [Suku]. Early 20th century. Wood (Ricinodendron heudelotii), pigment, plant fibre. Gift from the Compagnie du Kasaï. 1913. EO.0.0.15374.Photo R. Asselberghs, MRAC Tervuren ©

Fragment van een kumbi bedstijl / Fragment d’un montant de lit kumbi / Fragment of kumbi bedpost. Kangu, Kongo-Central, RD Congo. [Yombe]. Late 19th century. Wood (Adansonia digitata), black pigment. Gift from N. De Cleene. 1934. EO.0.0.35776. Photo R. Asselberghs, MRAC Tervuren ©

Olifantenmasker / Masque d’éléphant / Elephant mask. Former province Katanga. RD Congo. [Luba]. 19th century. Wood (Ricinodendron sp.), pigment. Gift from C.F.A. Lemaire. 1899. EO.0.0.3722. Photo J.-M. Vandyck, MRAC Tervuren ©

Voorouderbeeld dat bekendstaat als Lusinga / Statue d’ancêtre connu sous le nom de Lusinga / Ancestral statue known as Lusinga. Marungu, Tanganyika, RD Congo. [Tabwa]. Before 1885. Wood (Vitex madiensis), pigment, chicken feather, warthog tooth, monitor lizard, cotton, glass beads. War booty. Gift from the widow of E. Storms. 1930. EO.0.0.31660.Photo J.-M. Vandyck, MRAC Tervuren ©

Antropo-zoömorf masker / Masque anthropo-zoomorphe / Anthropo-zoomorphic mask. Luulu, Katanga, RD Congo. [Luba]. 2nd quarter of the 19th century. Wood (Ricinodendron rautanenii). Purchase from the widow of O. Michaux. 1919. EO.0.0.23470. Photo J. Van de Vyver, MRAC Tervuren ©

Sclerophrys regularis. Bokaal met specimens in alcohol / Bocal avec échantillons en alcool / Jar with specimens in alcohol. Parc national Albert, Kivu, RD Congo. 1955. Field-collected by G.-F. de Witte. 1955. B.119166, B.119175, B.119176, B.119191-92, B.119193-94.

Cihongo. Masker / Masque / Mask. Dilolo, Katanga, RD Congo.[Tshokwe]. Branch, feather, pith, paper, plant fiber, bark cloth, hide. Field-collected by G.F. de Witte. 1931. EO.0.0.33780-1. Photo R. Asselberghs, MRAC Tervuren ©

Zoöloog Gaston-François de Witte met zijn Tshokwe-maskercollectie. 1931. HP.2011.62.14-104. Le zoologue G.-F. de Witte posant avec sa collecte de masques tshokwe. 1931. HP.2011.62.14-104. Photo MAC Tervuren ©

Ivoren signaalfluitjes met modulatiegat / Sifflets en ivoire à trou de modulation / Ivory whistles with modulation hole. [Pende]. Kwilu, RD Congo. Late 19th century. Ivory. Purchase. MO.0.0.15678. Photo J. Van de Vyver, MRAC Tervuren ©

Portret van Léon Rom /Portrait de L. Rom. HP.1955.54.283.

Kiswahili-manuscript, geschreven in aangepast Arabisch schrift (correspondentie over de handel in stoffen en ivoor) / Manuscrit kiswahili en caractères arabes adaptés (Correspondance relative au commerce des étoffes et de l'ivoire) / Kiswahili manuscript written in adapted Arabic script (Correspondence concerning ivory and textile trade). Purchase from widow of L. Rom. 1925. HA.01.0139.2.

Temporary exhibition "Mabele eleki lola !" (29.10.2020 - 15.08.2021)


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